We have a Good Story

fb event cover photo 1050x765We have a good story, how do we live and share it?

The Gospel has an influence on people and society, including health care and people’s health. The Good News changes people.  It did so in the time Jesus was on the earth, but it still has this life-changing and lifesaving power for individual people and communities today.

What influence did the Christian message have on your life and how did it influence you in the way you live and do your work? Does it make a difference if you are an altruistic atheist or a Christian when you work in health care? Or are both equally good when it comes to caring for people?  During this conference we want to explore and share how the Christian faith inspires us and unites us irrespective of our background, gender, organisation, tribe and age.

The different speakers will be exploring and highlighting what difference and influence the Christian message has on their field of work and how they integrated their faith in the way they do their work and why they work where they are now or in the past.

With the present situation of health and health care in South Africa, we must ask where are we now and where are we going? The plans of the national Minister of Health have an impact on all of us. We are not achieving the Millennium Development goals set for the end of this year.  Are the plans of the NDOH based on Christian principles of equity and care for each other? How does this challenge us and influence our vision and choices we make in private practice or in the public health sector? What are possible solutions and what is the role of Christianity and Christian values in this?

The programme for our 2015 conference will bring together speakers from different organisations with a wealth of experience.  We trust that the Holy Spirit will use this to bring new vision and commitment to live and share the Good Story and learn from each other how we can do that.

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