Uvongo conference photos

Some reminders of an awesome weekend.



Thank you for organizing such a wonderful conference I attended over the past weekend.

Let me tell you ,it was wonderful. God was with us. To see medical doctors so dedicated in the Lord, I was blessed. The attendance was very good. Provinces were well represented, some were from Limpopo, Orange Free State, Cape Town etc. There were 21 medical students from Eastern Cape and two senior medical doctors. Even in other areas there were senior medical doctors. I am quoting Eastern Cape, because it was outstanding with attendance. Speakers were very dynamic, all of them. There were three sessions that were attended on Saturday, that is choosing of a partner, balancing the family and burnout. I attended two sessions and I was impressed especially with the burnout session. Thank you for the information, it was my first time attending a conference of that nature.

May God bless.


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