Tonga Hospital Opportunities

Tonga Hospital has a need for a Christian doctor who has at least 5 years post graduate experience and is passionate about surgery. He or she should already be registered with the HPCSA and be able to do caesarean section, ectopics, appendicectomy, skin graft and amputations and be willing to teach such skills to junior doctors. Our Family Physician, Dr Fola Tiamiyu, can teach him or her hysterectomy if they have not mastered that yet.

Our surgical team runs general OPD three days per week and operates on the other two days so the candidate will need to be flexible and work where the need is.

Tonga Hospital being a rural district hospital is not specialised, so when on call our medical officers attend to all ‘departments’ and refer out patients who need ICU and more specialised intervention.

Also, there is a need for a Christian couple / single doctor willing to stay on for at least three years – someone able to carry on a Christian vision in a government context, preferably a surgeon/ surgical medical officer who leads by example.

Please visit our website for more detailed information and join our Facebook group “Tonga Hospital Enthusiasts“.

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