Support our frontline workers

Support our frontline workers

The CMFSA (Christian Medical Fellowship), ICP (Institute for Christian practitioners) And HCF (Healthcare Christian Fellowship) teaming up to care for the frontline care workers by providing Emotional and Spiritual support.


To walk alongside our Health Care Workers on the front line of the battle with Corona, both spiritually and emotionally, so that they feel the love and support of the community they serve.

For Whom

We aim to reach out to All health care workers (HCW), from the cleaner to the doctor, working in any health facility around the country. Open to all regardless of faith.

By Whom

We are a network of three Christian organisations (CMFSA, ICP, HCF) with members around the country willing to support our frontline HCW. We have set up a WhatsApp number as well as a toll-free number that people can reach out to us. We will then assess the need for further referral either to: Mentors, Prayers groups, Support groups in the area or counselling/Clinical Psychologist according to the need.

What Support are we offering?

Our support will depend on the particular need of the caller (HCW). This can vary from Clinical, Spiritual or emotional as required. Please note that all information will be kept confidential. Our network will adhere to professional and ethical standards.

What we are not

This project is not aimed at converting people to any faith, just offering a shoulder to cry on. Hoping this will be our way of showing gratitude to the “Selfless and caring spirit” our frontlines HCW have shown to us since the beginning of the pandemic by putting our needs first. We salute them and trust this will be our small token of thanks to you our heroes.

Getting started

You can:

  • WhatsApp the word “support” and your name to +27645557493
  • Alternatively send Message Christian Medical Fellowship South Africa on WhatsApp. Or click this link and we will get back to you
  • Or call Toll free number: 0860111436

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