How do I get involved in CMF?

By signing up to CMF, you become a PARTNER in the work of the CMF to care for the caregiver.

What kinds of Partners are there?
There are three kinds of PARTNERS: Subscribers, Members and Donors.

What is a Subscriber?
A SUBSCRIBER receives FREE email communication of CMF activities. This includes a regular email newsletter and information about CMF events being planned for your area (geographic area and/or interest area).

Who should become Subscribers?
All healthcare professionals, local and abroad, undergraduate and postgraduate, who support the aims of CMF, but who do not wish to commit material resources to the work should sign up as SUBSCRIBERS.

What is a Member?
A MEMBER pays a fixed monthly or annual membership fee. MEMBERS receive all the privileges of Subscribers, plus:

  • SMS notification of certain events
  • Discount on certain CMF events such as conferences
  • News and other Christian publications from national and international Christian healthcare networks
  • The privilege to support the work of the CMF in SA, which in turn supports caregivers

What is the cost to be a CMF Member?

  • There are three categories of MEMBERS:

I am a student, but why should I become an Undergraduate Member?
You might think that you can’t afford the undergraduate membership fee. In this case, feel free to remain a Subscriber.  However, we have a package of benefits for students that will make it worthwhile to become a paying member now. All money received from students will be used in student work again. Part of your membership fee will go to support your CMF Student Secretary, part will go to your local CMF student group and part will be spent on you to assist you in attending conferences, or going on electives .  By paying your Undergraduate Membership fees, you are helping yourself, financially empowering your local CMF student group and assisting in student work in Southern Africa.

I cannot afford the fees. What now?
This is not the end of the world. If you really want to be a member and cannot afford it, please email us and explain your situation. We will discuss your request and a decision communicated to you.

What is a Donor?
A DONOR differs from a MEMBER. A donor gives a voluntary amount to one of the CMF Projects. This donation can be once-off or on a monthly basis. The Donor receives all the benefits of a Subscriber, as well as targeted email reports on the project being supported.

Who should be a Donor?
CMF Members can also be DONORS if they wish to support CMF projects in addition to their membership contribution. We encourage overseas SUBSCRIBERS to also become DONORS.

Our projects are:

  • Mentorship Coordination: (R100 per month suggested; R8,000 per month needed)
  • Member Support Services: (R100 per month suggested; R8,000 per month needed)
  • ICMDA Student bursary fund: (A total of R100,000 needed)
  • Discretionary Fund

How do I pay my membership fees or donate to a project?

You have two options:

  1. You can help us to automate our entire administration by paying through this secure website.
    If you are giving from a South African or Namibian account, select the ‘Other payment’ options and pay from your savings/cheque account. We recommend that local members do not use the credit card option, due to the cost of credit card fees.
    International members/donors have to contribute with a credit card. Please select the £ (GBP) as currency option – it will help to limit the transfer fees if everyone selects the same currency.
    We also request, where possible, that Members/Donors select to pay monthly instead of annually, to ease our (and your!) cash flow situation.
    If you are paying as a Member and also support a project as a Donor, you should complete the online process for every item. At your first usage of the system you can select your own password for “Quick Logins” as Donor in the future by using your e-mail address and selected password.
    If you are a tax payer in the USA or UK please send us an e-mail before you make a donation so that we can help you to give through UK Gift Aid (therby adding 28% to your UK gift to the CMF!!) or receive a USA 501(c) receipt.
  2. The other option is to deposit money directly into our bank account and then notifying us (Contact us for bank details).

How secure is this internet payment thing?
Let’s put it this way: the security of our service provider, GivenGain, is at least on par with the best banks in the world (whom they are dealing with on a daily basis) and is actually slightly better than some local banks you are entrusting with your money. In the electronic world, there are no absolute guarantees of security, but GivenGain is definitely one of the safest bets on the net. To read more on the security…

Thank you for asking all these questions and also for reading up to here. If you still have questions that weren’t answered, please feel free to contact us – we will gladly be of assistance.



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