As a partner of CMF you have various benefits.

  • United with Christian doctors, dentists, medical students and paramedical service providers in a strong bond of Witness, Prayer and Bible Study
  • Challenged to share Jesus Christ with patients and colleagues as Lord and Saviour, bringing them to faith in Him and acceptance of His teaching
  • Encouraged to propagate and defend the fundamental truths of Christianity and to ensure that these Truths are reflected in the moral / ethical issues of the day
  • Introduced to programmes and projects which foster interest in medical mission work; recruit, equip and support medical men and women for service in neglected and under-served areas; encourage networking with other organisations; facilitate support for and promote fellowship with medical students; establish mentorship
  • Linked to the International Christian Medical and Dental Association with its numerous affiliated organisations

It is God who gives everything – including life and breath – to everyone. He is not far from any of us since it is in Him we live and move and exist. We are all His children. (Acts 17: 25,27,28)


The annual Graduate Membership fees of the CMF enables the CMF to keep our national office operating.

The office acts as the central hub, encouraging and supporting members, disseminating useful information, organising conferences and meetings, and linking people of similar interests and vocations.

Money received for Membership dues is used to pay the salary of the Office Manager as well as to keep the office running as far as telephone, postage and other administrative costs are concerned.

You are encouraged to enrol as a Graduate Member of the CMF by contributing R100 per month to the CMF (or to contribute a single amount of R1200 for the year).

We prefer a monthly debit order, since this helps our cash flow. By paying your dues through the link on this page will help us tremendously to automate our operations and to reduce administrative time! Members are urged to make payment out of their current accounts rather than using their credit cards.

Set up your monthly contribution via our secure payment gateway here.



Healthcare students are encouraged to enroll as Undergraduate Members for R25 per month (R300 per year) / R50 per month (R600 per year).

You might think that R25 / R50 per month is too much to contribute to the CMF. In this case, feel free to remain a Subscriber.

However, we have a package of benefits for students that will make it worthwhile to become a paying member now.

  • All money received from students will be used in student work again.
  • Part of your membership fee will go to support our Student Secretary
  • Part will go to your local CMF student group
  • Part will be spent on you to assist you in attending conferences, going on electives or to receive print publications, such as the Nucleus in the mail.
  • By paying your Undergraduate Membership fees, you are helping yourself, financially empowering your local CMF student group and assisting in student work in Southern Africa.  And all this for one-third the cost of a pay-as-you-go card. That’s real value for money.  You cannot afford the fees. What now?  This is not the end of the world. If you really want to be a member and cannot afford it, please email us and explain your situation. We will discuss your case and a decision communicated to you.

Set up your monthly contribution via our secure payment gateway here.



Healthcare professionals over the age of 70 years do not have to pay any membership fees, but they still need to register in order to receive the newsletters, etc.

  • To register simply subscribe by clicking here.
  • Senior members are free to donate to any CMF project of their choice by clicking here.

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