L’Abri Fellowship Resources

*L’Abri Fellowship* began in Switzerland in 1955 when
Francis and Edith Schaeffer decided in faith to open their
home to be a place where people might find satisfying
answers to their questions and practical demonstration of
Christian care. It was called L’Abri, the French word for
“shelter,” because they sought to provide a shelter from the
pressures of a relentlessly secular 20th century. As time
went by, so many people came that others were called to join
the Schaeffers in their work, and more branches were

*There have been perhaps four main emphases in the teaching
of L’Abri.*

*First,* that Christianity is objectively true and that the
Bible is God’s written word to mankind. This means that
biblical Christianity can be rationally defended and honest
questions are welcome.

*Second,* because Christianity is true it speaks to all of
life and not to some narrowly religious sphere and much of
the material produced by L’Abri has been aimed at helping
develop a Christian perspective on the arts, politics and
the social sciences etc.

*Third,* in the area of our relationship with God, true
spirituality is seen in lives which by grace are free to be
fully human rather than in trying to live on some higher
spiritual plane or in some grey negative way.

*Fourth,* the reality of the fall is taken seriously. Until
Christ returns we and the world we live in will be affected
by the disfigurement of sin. Although the place of the mind
is emphasized, L’Abri is not a place for “intellectuals

We are as concerned for living as we are for thinking and
from the beginning the concern has been that the truth is as
much exhibited in everyday life as it is defended in
discussion. We do not do this perfectly of course but depend
on the Lord to bring forth a measure of reality in our daily

1. *The L’Abri Ideas Library (Now Available) *
For over 50 years L’Abri has sought to provide a safe place
for people to ask questions about the reality and relevance
of Christian faith. These questions have prompted the L’Abri
workers to develop lectures and discussions that explore how
Christianity relates to areas of life such as philosophy,
culture, the arts, psychology, gender, sociology, history,
theology, politics, economics, science, and ecology. The
Ideas Library contains over 1000 of these lectures available
for free download. New ideas are added to the collection
each month.

*Visit http://www.labri-ideas-library.org/*

2. Sound Word
Soundword Associates has for decades worked with L’Abri to
make our lectures available in the USA. They maintain an
extensive back catalogue of L’Abri lectures available for
sale in a number of formats. They also have exclusive rights
for the distribution and sale of all recent
L’Abri conference lectures recorded in the USA. Please visit
their extensive site at www.soundword.com

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