Give breast cancer a Kilimanjaro Hiking boot

My friends and I are planning to climb Africa’s highest freestanding mountain in July 2021 to raise funds to purchase a life-saving mammogram machine for the people of Goma (East of Democratic Republic of Congo).

Augustin Lutakwa practising for his upcoming hike up Kilimanjaro

A mammogram machine costs around $100,000. We aim to raise a dollar for every step on the way up the 5,895m (128,263 steps) tall mountain.

Georgette Masika Tsongo

My sister-in-law, Georgette Masika Tsongo (14/02/1964 – 26/03/2010), died from a late diagnosed metastatic breast cancer. With the right equipment women’s lives could be saved as early diagnoses are made through screening mammography. Through your donation a mammogram machine will be donated on her behalf to the hospital where she was admitted and eventually succumbed to breast cancer. We hope this will be her contribution to the population of the East Of DR Congo, hard-hit by never-ending war and disease, to name a few.

Please support this great cause and the team having the climb of our lives.

Visit our Givengain donation page

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