Dedication pledge for all Christian healthcare workers

Download the pledge in English
Download the pledge in Afrikaans

 1. I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and acknowledge the Triune God as the Sovereign Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer and Judge of all things visible and invisible.

2. I declare my faith in God’s special revelation to us of His Son, Jesus Christ, by whose life, death resurrection and ascension we receive salvation.

3. I recognise that life is a sacred gift of God and that all of creation is fearfully and wonderfully made.

4. I affirm that the purpose of creation is to seek, through my life, to glorify God and praise His name, in all I think, say and do.

5. Being created in God’s image we are called to love, honour and obey Him, to enjoy fellowship with Him and with one another, to build relationships within marriage, families and the body of believers that reflect His glory, these being sacred and holy in His sight.

6. In humility I confess my inability to please God. Recognising the sinfulness of all human nature I continually give thanks for God’s unmerited grace through which salvation is experienced by faith in Jesus Christ and offered freely to all.

7. As called by God I long and hope for the redemption and restoration of His Creation and for the fulfilment of His Promises given in Holy Scripture.

8. In the recognition of my calling and equipping by God to serve His broken people as a wounded healer, I call on my colleagues, family and fellow Christians, to encourage me, through their help and correction, to remain Christ-like in my service to my patients in their need and suffering and to fulfil God’s purposes for my work.

9. With deepest respect I determine to serve to the best of my ability and with God’s help, all persons, including the unborn, the helpless, the poor, the terminally ill, the physically and mentally disadvantaged and the elderly, regardless of personal human biases.

10. Being a trustworthy steward of confidences revealed to me I promise to act with an integrity based on God’s Word at all times.

11. I pray that the wonder of God’s creation will never be lost, the miracles of life and love be forever new, the practising of my art and service be always and in all situations filled with joy. I calls on those here present to witness the humble dedication of my life and career to God, reminding me of it as often as is necessary.

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