CMF strategic plan

Strategic plan for CMF South Africa

The Christian Medical Fellowship in South Africa wants to be a fellowship for all Christian doctors and students in South Africa in order to encourage each other and serve God and humanity with their skills and talents.

What do we believe God wants us to do? This was the question posed at the last Christian Alliance meeting in February 2016. What strategic plan does your organisation have?

  1. Have student groups at each medical school to stimulate debate on issues related to faith and health in the broadest sense, create networks of Christian believers, both students and doctors.
  2. Organise an annual dedication service at each medical school for new graduates to dedicate their life and career to God in a public meeting. Give them a copy of the pledge and a copy of Doctor’s Life Support.
  3. Develop support for interns and young doctors by making a list available of CMF and HCF members in each hospital in SA.
  4. CMF members will actively promote the establishment of a prayer group in the institution where they work and invite other Christians in the institution to pray with them for their institution and health care in general.
  5. CMF members should seek opportunities to link their congregation to a local hospital or clinic.
  6. The Christian Alliance is a national body but alliances should be established at the local level as well between CMF, HCF, Hospivision, Christians in health care.
  7. Encourage their members to practice holistic health care in an ethical manner both in the private and public sector.
  8. Teach and encourage all members to integrate their faith in their work and share the gospel with patients and colleagues.
  9. Arrange annual conferences to encourage networking between Christian health workers.
  10. To encourage students / expose students to Christian responses to “medical” problems in society.
  11. To promote holistic patient care in all settings.
  12. To grow the number of paying members of CMF.

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