The Christian Networking Alliance for Healthcare is working towards an effective Biblically based influence on the healthfields of the country and strengthening the Christian health influence in the nation.

If you need someone to share in your church on this day, or need more information about the Alliance, please contact us.

Healthcare Christian Fellowship wants to inspire and equip all Christians working in healthcare to make Jesus Christ a reality in their daily life and work. Accomplishment of this vision can only be done together with our partners and with local churches who support the Mission Statement and have a Doctrinal Basis in agreement with those of HCFI and partners. Christians in the health field have unique opportunities for witness and service through compassionate ministry to the needs of the whole person.

HCF (SA), PO Box 11220, Rynfield 1514
Tel: 011 969 6751
Fax: 086 723 7425

HospiVision was founded in 1999 to provide counselling, spiritual care and physical support to patients, families and healthcare workers. This includes services such as 24 hour trauma counselling, care of orphaned and vulnerable children and support of people living with HIV and AIDS. Through a dedicated team of permanent staff and volunteers HospiVision touches lives and brings hope in healthcare. Accredited training is provided for lay and professional counsellors and healthcare workers.

HospiVision, PO Box 12423, Queenswood, 0121
Tel/fax: 012 329 9492. Tel: 012 329 4420

The Institute of Christian Psychology was founded in 2001 with the purpose of equipping people to help others, and many courses have been developed in order to educate people to counsel others on both a lay and professional level. Christian psychology is an approach to psychology that emphasises a holistic approach to the scientific study of human behaviour. A holistic approach includes the critical studying of human behaviour on an intra-psychological, interpersonal, socio-economical and spiritual level.

ICP, PO Box 15040, Lambton 1414.
Tel: 011 021 8930

Private Hospitals
Tel: 012 998 8964

Community Health Evangelism
Tel: 021 852 6727

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